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Bay Robot #1 Proved the Concept was Correct

While a bit of a "cone head" the Geese didn't like this robot one bit

"No poop in this area". That was the goal. We had our orders and 4 days to insure that the city didn't have any toxic Goose Poop to clean up. The ground breaking trial was a big success. The constant hazing and herding kept the geese away from a prominent waterfront walkway and grass area.

Under careful observation morning, noon and night, our team of resourceful inventors kept the geese at bay by taking control of the prescribed area. "The geese need to keep eating" said Bay Robot founder Danny Zemanek. "If they (the geese) don't feel comfortable eating, they move on and in our experience, they don't come back as Robot #1 stayed on the scene. We did some mapping and remote operation. In all a very successful trial.

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